Shall we choose frosted LED bulbs or transparent bulbs for indoor lighting?

As the name implies, transparent bulbs are made of transparent glass or PC lampshades while Frosted LED Light Bulbs made of frosted or milky lamp-chimney.

Firstly, they are both can be used in home lighting, and also in semi-closed energy saving outdoor lighting.

Secondly, Combined with the same type of transparent bulbs and frosted led light bulbs, the former is higher in luminous efficiency, but also more dazzling while watching with naked eyes directly. However the lamp cover of Frosted LED Light Bulbs is semitransparent or opeque milky white colored. Milky colored lamp-chimney will bring more gentle, more uniform light ray and shines divergently. It also can protect our eyes with a soft light ray.

So, if you have little babies in your house, I suggest you to choose a frosted light bulb; If there is no baby, and you want to creat a bright environment, transparent bulbs will be better choice.